331 Innings-

"At about ten o’clock a kid is starting to mop the floor and a tune comes on the radio, classical with the strings and cello, and I’ll be damned if it ain’t Nirvana’s Come As You Are. Now I know how little that’s gonna mean to you, Uncle Jack, but Nirvana was supposed to be the bad-asses of the next generation after mine, one of the bad-asses anyway, real rebels, till the lead singer Kurt Cobain went and put a bullet in his head and the whole thing ended, you hear what I’m saying? And I want so badly to be pissed and should have had the perfect music for being pissed, but it ain’t perfect, it ain’t Kurt Cobain, it’s basically your Perry Como or some shit like that, and who could get angry listening to him?"

April Fool's Bio


PETER BRAV is not much of a baseball player but he's written three novels where the diamond provides a setting for triumph over adversity in one way or another. SNEAKING IN (set during the 1999 Yankees championship season), THE OTHER SIDE OF LOSING (set during a Chicago Cubs championship season) and now 331 INNINGS (set in a small Nebraska town). Add in ZAPPY I’M NOT, a memoir of a cranky middle-aged man reincarnated as a small dog, and you have a literary celebration of all manner of admirable underdogs. Peter's plays SOUTH BEACH, AFRICAN VIOLET, LATER, THE RUB, GOOD TILL CANCELED, and TRUMP BURGER have all been performed in staged readings. He is a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Law School, residing in Princeton, New Jersey with wife Janet and three Papillons.