Sneaking In is the stirring diary

of an 11 year-old Long Island youth during one life-changing summer. Greg is like most boys his age. He has a crush on the prettiest girl in his grade he’s afraid to talk to. He’s terrorized by a bully more ferocious than the most menacing of professional wrestlers. He has a younger brother who annoys him on a daily basis. But everything changes the day Greg learns the news about his father’s grave illness.

Devastated, Greg resolves to do for his father something he could never afford to do for himself---attend the first game of the 1999 World Series at historic Yankee Stadium. By sneaking in. As his father’s condition worsens, Greg tries to come to terms with his greatest fears.

The novel builds to an exciting climax on the fateful night before the biggest of life and death games. Will Greg fulfill his father's dream? Will his father live to see it? This novel is a must read for anyone who believes, or wants to believe, in the power of hope.



What people are saying about
Sneaking In

Peter Brav has written an engrossing novel about much more than baseball. This moving love story about an honest son and his father, newly stricken with a brain tumor, reveals life in the 1990’s in suburban America. The characters are fully defined and the humanism is clear. The writer’s ability to motivate the reader with a clear sense of his craft is a big plus for teachers and students. This is a modern classic, well worth teaching!
Connie Escher
This is a great book for a parent and child to read and share. It’s a story about challenge and personal responsibility through a child’s eye. And if you’re a baseball fan you’ll find out why the game remains so important to you. Best sports book I have read to date since a Fan’s Notes. Highly recommended.