A cranky 60 year-old

twice divorced Queens electrician unknowingly holds a winning Powerball ticket for just seconds before his acccidental demise. Things get worse when he finds himself reincarnated as a Papillon puppy living with the wealthy Schwarzappels of Park Avenue.

Will Zappy survive Lloyd Schwarzappel's attempt to get rid of the new adorable distraction in the lives of his young twin daughters? Will Zappy figure out how to claim his Powerball millions? Will he reunite with his first love, herself a reincarnated Labrador?

With memorable characters both human and canine, Zappy I'm Not is a tale of adventure, justice and true love, all told in the humorously poignant voice of its reincarnated protagonist. Zappy is a hero for the underdog in all of us.



What people are saying about

I just finished reading Zappy, I’m Not. Bravo Peter! It was excellent. . .a real page turner. The idea of seeing New York from a dog’s view was wonderfully original. The story was true to life. Wait a minute. It was taken from life, and from the news and from the 99 observing the 1. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Hollywood should pick-up the option on this one. This was a great, enjoyable, at times heart-tugging read. I cannot wait to read Zappy’s next adventure.
Marvin N Bagwell
I have followed Peter’s writing for decades, and his voice always entertains. ”Zappy” is the perfect combination of ”Lassie Come Home,” “Forrest Gump” (the book, not the movie), and ”Shawshank Redemption” (the movie, not the book), through the prism of a New Yorker’s slant on reincarnation. You will find ”Zappy” a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Steven K. Hayes
Loved this little story of an electrician turned papillon who turns around his life and lives happily ever after. Very entertaining.
A highly imaginative and laugh out funny tale of living in New York by a reincarnated Lottery Winner as a Papillion Dog. A quick read with many enjoyable twist and turns in the plot. Highly recommend.
Fred Parvaneh
Zappy was a treat to read - the best of a dog and a human. Anyone who loves dogs and comedy will enjoy this enormously.
Stephanie Griffin
Wildly imaginative and very very funny. A great adventure that entertains. Can’t wait for the sequel!